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A cash-back union benefit worth thousands!

The UHS Real Estate & Home Loan Benefit Program is absolutely free to union members and parents, children and siblings of union members. All you need to do is enroll. There are no fees. You will never be charged or pay anything extra. It really is like getting free money.

How it works.

Union Home Services gives a cash-back rebate equal to 20% or your assigned Union Home Services Realtor's® commission. As an example, if you purchased a $300,000 home, your cash-back rebate would be $1,800! This is based on a 3% commission structure. The actual percentage you receive will be based on the listing agent’s agreement for the home you are purchasing and/or selling. CLICK HERE to learn if your state allows cash rebates.Use our "See Your Cash Back" calculator to see just how much you could receive.

Experienced Realtors® nationwide.

Union Home Services only accepts the most qualified Realtors®. A UHS Real Estate Professional will be assigned to you based on your personal needs and requirements within 48 - 72 hours of your enrollment.

We are your advocate.

We also understand that, at times, you may have concerns about your Realtor, loan officer or the process. A Union Home Services Advocate will be assigned to you to ensure that you are happy and your transaction is going smoothly. If at any time you encounter a problem or have concerns or questions, you will have direct access to your UHS Advocate who will assist in resolving any issues.