Cash Back In 4 Easy Steps

If you are a veteran, active-duty or a parent, child or sibling of a veteran or active-duty military member, you qualify. Here's all you need to do.

  • Step 1 – Enroll: You can enroll 24/7/365. Fill out the easy online enrollment form HERE.
  • Step 2 – Work With Your Military Home Services realtor: A Military Home Services realtor will be assigned to you based on your personal needs and requirements within 48 - 72 hours of your enrollment. We can also connect you with one of our qualified loan officers to help with acquiring your home loan. Your realtor will work with you throughout the purchase and/or sale process. Your loan officer will work with you to ensure you receive the best interest rate available and your home purchase loan goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Step 3 – Close Your Transaction: Sell or purchase a home using your Military Home Services realtor.
  • Step 4 – Deposit Your Check: Once your real estate transaction has closed, your rebate check will be mailed directly to you within 30 days.


We Are Your Advocate

Military Home Services is independent from our Realtors and loan officers. We only accept the most qualified, full-time realtors and loan officers to ensure that your experience goes as smoothly as possible. We also understand that, at times, you may have concerns about your Realtor, loan officer or the process. A Military Home Services Advocate will be assigned to you to ensure that you are happy and your transaction is going smoothly. If at any time you encounter a problem or have concerns or questions, you will have direct access to your Military Home Services Advocate who will represent you and assist in resolving any issues. We have your back!

"Don't wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait." Will Rogers, Actor, Humorist, Columnist, Social Commentator

Purchasing a home.

Owning your own home is the #1 American dream and way to financial security. But, making it a reality is often a challenging and nerve racking process. Military Home Services helps to make things as secure and trouble free as possible. Only top, local, full-time realtors and experienced, VA expert loan officers qualify to represent Military Home Services. Knowing what is involved with purchasing a home is the first step in beginning the home purchase process. Your realtor and loan officer will clarify these costs and help you more clearly understand the whole buying process but here are a few things you should know.

  • Know your credit score. Your credit score is a key component when securing a loan. Perfect scores aren't necessary but good scores will give you more loan options and often lower interest rates. Know your score so, if needed, you can begin improving it.
  • Get pre-approved. Pre-approval is critical to the home buying process. It will tell you how much house you can afford. In addition, your realtor will need a pre-approval letter from your lender before an offer can be presented. This is required because the seller needs to be confident you can fulfill your contract to purchase their property.
  • Know what the costs to purchase are. Purchasing a home includes costs you may not be aware of. Your military service brings many benefits including qualifying for a VA loan which offers 0% down payment and lower costs. Buyers typically pay 3% to 5% in cash above and beyond the purchase price at closing. With a VA loan these can be substantially less. These costs may include:
    • Downpayment: Your required downpayment will depend on what you can afford and the type of loan you qualify for. Some government-insured loans require very little down payment, even 0% down payment in the case of USDA and VA loans. Conventional loans may require as little as 3% down payment but most typically require 5% to 20% down payment.
    • Prepaid & prorated property tax, homeowners insurance and association fees: Property taxes and homeowners insurance will be prorated based on the date of your closing. A portion may be required to be prepaid at closing. Also, if there is an HOA (home owners association), typical when purchasing a condo, there may be a prorated portion that needs to be paid at closing.
    • Appraisal Fee: As the buyer, you will be required by your lender to purchase an appraisal to confirm that the value of the home is equal to or greater than the price you are paying.
    • Inspection Fees: If you would like, ane we recommend, or your lender requires a property inspection, you will need to pay for the cost. A general property inspection is typically required which involve all elements; roof, foundation, heating and cooling systems, electrical, plumbing and more. Sometimes only a specific inspection will be required by the lender.
    • Closing Costs: These costs include fees your lender will charge to provide you a loan as well as escrow fees and title insurance. Fees your lender may charge include, but are not limitied to, loan origination fees, application fees, discount points and prepaid interest for your first months mortgage interest. VA loan fees tend to be less.

The good news is Military Home Services Real Estate Benefit will save you thousands of dollars on your home purchase and/or sale with a cash rebates equal to 20% of your realtors commission.

"The best investment on earth is earth."Louis Glickman, Real Estate Investor & Philanthropist

Selling your home.

Since you own a home, you know the financial benefits. Now that you have decided to sell, whether you're moving on up, down sizing or being transfered, you will want to get the highest price and have the least hassle throughout the sales process. Here are a few things that should help ensure you achieve both.

  • Hire a great realtor. Thankfully, Military Home Services makes this part easy. Military Home Services realtors are qualified, full-time, local agents with proven track records. They are the best of the best. After your enrollment, a Military Home Services realtor will be assigned to you based on your needs and requirements.
  • Prepare your home for sale. First impressions are key. Your Military Home Services realtor will help determine what things may need to be done to get top dollar and a fast sale. This may include:
    • A pre-listing inspection.
    • Repairs and maintenance that need to be completed before listing.
    • Yard care, de-cluttering, beautifying.
  • Determining the right price. Listing your home for the right price is the most important factor to how fast your home sells or whether it sells at all. We love our homes. Often, because of this, we are biased to it's value. We often feel it is worth more than it really is. On the other hand, the real estate market can be volatile. It may actually be worth substantially more than you think. What ever the case, the fact is, the market determins value, not homeowners, real estate agents or friends and family. The only way to find an accurate value is to have an expert real estate professional preform a comparative market analysis (CMA) that will show an accurate value range your home will sell for in the current market.
  • After Listing. Now that you have listed, be prepared to have strangers inspecting every nook and cranny. Here are some quick tips to help earn a quick sale.
    • Clean is better than dirty.
    • What smells good sells good.
    • Follow the advice of your realtor.
    • Stage for the buyer.
    • Leave during showings and open houses... and take your pets with you.

    Getting your loan approval and closing your transaction.

    Getting approved for a home loan is often the most stressful part of the purchase process. Your finances, credit and income will be scrutinize. You will need to reveal everything about your good financial decisions and your bad ones. You will need to pay for a credit report. You will need to gather and supply details that will require a lot of paperwork. Be prepared, but understand, you are asking your lender to give you the biggest loan of your life and trust you to pay it back as agreed.

    Here are a few things you can expect. Your loan officer will help you understand, evaluate and determine the best loan for you.

    • CREDIT SCORE   Your credit score is a key factor in obtaining a home loan. A credit report will be one of the first things your loan officer will need to order.
    • CREDIT REPAIR   If your credit score is below what is needed to qualify for a home loan, a credit repair plan will need to be completed before you will qualify. We will help you develop one that will give you the best chance of success.
    • INCOME   Your income will determine how much of a home loan you will qualify for. You will need to show consistent income but may include other sources besides your employment income like alimony payments, stock dividends and tips.
    • DEBT TO INCOME   Your debt to income ratio is a key factor in determining risk and the amount of loan payment you can comfortably afford.
    • DOWN PAYMENT   Your required down payment will be determined by the type of loan and loan-to-value ratio (the amount of the loan compared to the value of the property) required to secure that loan. Because of your service you can take advantage of your VA loan benefits. VA loans offer as low as 0% down payment, lower interest rates and closing costs as well more flexible qualification requirements. Conventional loans may require as little as 3% down payment but most typically require 5% to 20% down payment. Your down payment will also affect a number of other elements of your purchase including interest rate and home price you can afford.
    • MORTGAGE INSURANCE (PMI)   Mortgage insurance protects the lender if you default. It is typically required for loans with less than a 20% down payment. VA loans require not PMI!
    • CLOSING COSTS   Closing costs include a variety of items including lenders fees, escrow fees, title insurance and more. VA loans typiclly have lower cost. Our loan officers will find you the most cost effective loan options no matter what type of loan is best for you.
    • PRE-APPROVAL   Pre-approval is critical to the home buying process. Your realtor will need a pre-approval letter from your lender before an offer can be presented. This is required because the seller needs to be confident you can fulfill your contract to purchase their property.

    Once you have been approved and had your offer accepted on the house of your dreams, the closing process begins. Your lender will need to give final approval which may entail requiring more documents and inspections. Your realtor may need to ammend the contract and negotiate on your behalf because of things found in inspections and lender requirements. Once in escrow, a signing appointment will be arranged and you will need to sign a stack of papers that will finally give you ownership.

    This whole process, from acceptance of your offer to document signing may take a few weeks or a month or more. And then it's moving time.

    Now that you are more familiar to the process, all that's left is to enroll. Enroll Here