Our Mission

To help active duty military members, veterans and their extended families own a home by providing money saving benefits on real estate transactions.


We make home ownership more affordable by giving back.

  • We Thank You For Your Service.    We are humbled and grateful for the generations of men and women who fought for and protect our freedom.
  • We believe we are obligated to give back.   Your service is a debt of gratetude on every American. We can never give back what you have given but we can give back real cash savings to help you fulfill your dream of home ownership.
  • We give more than money. We give our expertise and support.   Every enrollee will have an advocate who will give personal support and ensure that your purchase or sale is as stress free as possible.


How We Fulfill Our Mission

  1. Cash RebatesMilitary Home Services offers enrollees a cash rebate* equal to 20% of the real estate brokerage commission. Military members and Veterans, as well as their parents, children and siblings qualify for this benefit.
  2. A Free Service: We offer this service absolutely free of any additional charges and fees.
  3. Who Qualifies: Military members, veterans, and their parents, children and siblings qualify for these benefits.
  4. Easy Enrollment: We offer easy enrollment through our convenient online form. Enroll Here.
  5. We Are Nationwide: We are affiliated with the largest real estate organization in the country with approximately 54,000 sales professionals and 1600 offices located in all 50 states. The program is available in all areas where it is lawful to provide rebates on real estate transactions.
  6. Home Loan Help: Military Home Services will help connect you with a qualified, trustworthy home loan professional.
  7. Member Advocacy: We are advocates for enrollees and our military as a whole, ensuring better service throughout the buying and selling process.

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